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Someone who worked at Center for Emotional Health, I am very disgusted as how I was let go. Something not only I but several co-workers saw on a daily basis.

I want to let the public know, to explore their options before heading to any of Dr. Stoudmire's practices that are poorly managed by Lindsey Mckinna (his mistress). They will let the employees deal with problems concerns out of their hands. He is a fraud, some employees work from their heart to best help patients out in regards to working with mental health.

They don't care about a single soul there. The billing department, doesn't do their job correctly they will not bill your insurance they will makeup a copay that is way out of range and give it up to you if you want to be seen you have to pay or go some where else basically. Including being charged a five dollar fee for a drug test that later gets sent to a lab and charge you over $600 and no one can give you an explanation why, they simply keep doing it and order for you to get your medication. They expect you to give it your all, and when you do they send you a email that states, "effective immediately your services are no longer needed with center for emotional health".

The benefits that they offer don't cover any dental, vision or health because Dr. Stoudmire doesn't pay what he has to pay in order for your health insurance to stay active. He doesn't give his percentage to the 401k, he's a complete fraud. They will make sure, you do not work over time, they will adjust your clock in/out time, which is ilegal in order to not pay overtime to employees.

I have emails stating this. The therapist that are there to help people are getting thrown under the bus working in these circumstances. They hire Physicians assistants who are never assisted by the Dr./psychiatrist to do their job. He never wants to see any patients o give them what their money is worth for coming into his practice for help.

These PA's do not know what that are doing, giving out medication that does not need to be given out and patients that are in need of HELP are treated like crap. Sending them to in patient facilities when they are perfectly fine. When having an emergency, the so called operator for the company Kia White will not relate the message to anyone. I personally saw where voicemails getting deleted and never getting addressed.

That's the reason, most patients are right when they say Dr. Stoudmire is money hungry, he cares about no one but himself. Be careful where you go. Do your research before going to any of his practices.

They are all the same, managed by the McKinna's because there's two sisters. Who don't care for any patient that goes there. I am sadden to the fact that this is reality and it's life and not only here but everywhere else there's people like this two no hearted demons. Please be aware of any center for emotional health.

The numbers provided, you can reach the Dr {{REDACTED}} & Lindsey {{REDACTED}} personally! Ask them for yourselves why are they continuing to harm people instead of helping. Why are they being sued over and over again.

Why do they treat employees this way. More importantly PATIENTS in need of help.

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As a former employee I cannot comment on the "mistress" thing, or the money hungry thing, but what I CAN speak to is the apparent fraudulent activity and general poor business practices of the business. To let a therapist go on the spot (and the email saying your services are no longer needed is true), is opening up the practice for a lawsuit.

For a therapist accused of abandonment and a subsequent malpractice suit filed for the same, the liability falls squarely on the practice and not the therapist who was terminated without cause. I've had other PA's in the practice that are trying to do the right thing, criticize other PA's who prescribe off label or prescribe the wing medication. One Dr managing 9 practices, changing the business name, and gradually moving farther away from the Charlotte area is suspicious and could be a possible indicator of trying to stay one step ahead of regulators and the DEA.

If you have a complaint, you should file it with the state board and the AMA about the Dr's practices. Otherwise a complaint in this forum does nothing.

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